Aldi & Coles Grocery Shop Comparison

Grocery shopping… Not my favourite thing in the world but in the last few months I have realised how much your food budget can affect your whole budget. One of my financial goals for 2018 was to see if I could cut our grocery budget back. Today I shopped at Aldi, now I used to shop at Aldi all the time then I got lazy. I have decided to go back to Aldi because I know its cheaper but I wanted to know exactly how much cheaper, when I saw the numbers I knew I had to share it with you all!! So here it is. Our Groceries from Aldi this week!

Aldi Shop Coles Shop
2 x 3 L Milk $5.98 (2.99p/bottle) $6 ($3 p/bottle)
3 x Large Cheese Pizza $6 for a pack of 3 $9 ($3 per pizza)
1kg Tasty Cheese $6.49 $7.50
12 pack yoghurt $4.49 $4.80
2kg Drumsticks $5.99 $6.90
250 g Haloumi $4.99 10.68 ($7.80 p/180g)
250g Feta Cheese $3.99 $3.75 ($3 p/200g)
2 x Meatballs $8.98 ($4.49 p/pack) $13 (6.50 p/pack)
Blade Steak $9.78 $7.20
1.5kg Lamb Roast $14.38 $25
6 pack Meat Pies $3.55 $3.55
425g Baked Beans $1.95 $2.70
425g Spaghetti $1.95 $2.70
Coconut Oil $4.49 $5.40
2kg Stain Remover Soaker $6 ($3 per 1kg bottle $11 (per 2kg bottle)
Spiral Pasta 65c 65c
Tomato Paste 99c 80c
700g Passta $1.35 $1.98 ($1.70 per 600g)
Mayonnaise $2.39 $2.60
Italian Spice $1.99 $2.31
3 x Lemon & Pepper Tuna $2.55 (85c p/can) $2.70 (90c p/can)
Cruskits $1.99 $2.30
500g Peanut Butter $2.39 $2.43 ($1.85 p/380g)
Fruit cups $1.99 $2.30
2x Capsicum $3.99 $5.70 ($2.85 each)
Freezer Bags 59c 60c
4 pack Sweet Corn $2 $4.50
Sweet Potato $1.74 1.58
Blueberries $2.99 $3
Cherry Tomatoes $2.49 $3
1kg Grapes $6 $6.25 (5.25 p/kg)
900g Pumpkin $1.67 $1.70
2kg Carrots $2.98 $2.40
1.15kg Bananas $4.69 $3.60
500g Beans $.2.29 $5.70 (2.50 p/375g)
Eggs $4 $3.80
Nappies $15 (for 72) $22 ($11FOR 36)
Total $151.21 $241

So there it is a total difference of $74.79.  I thought I should to note that I used all Coles brand items for comparison and if there were no Coles brand products for a specific type of food then I chose the lowest price.  This is how I would normally shop if you buy name brand products it maybe worth doing your own comparison. This is a big shop for us as Wade has been on holidays and has eaten us out of fridge and pantry 🙈 I swear when he’s not working he is eating 😂

I’ll be doing a comparison every shop for the next few weeks so that I can share a wide variety of shops/foods and give you a clear overall view of Aldi vs Coles. What do you think? Is changing to Aldi worth it for you? Let me know in the comments or over on Instagram & Facebook Thanks for reading



8 thoughts on “Aldi & Coles Grocery Shop Comparison”

  1. Hi Pol. Interesting comparison. That is a huge difference. It might be worth another look at Aldi although if I can still manage $150 per fortnight at Coles and solely for convenience, I’ll continue to shop there. It might we worth me just doing one shop at Aldi to double check and if I can get everything I need there. Well done!

    Anne @ Domesblissity


    1. Hi Anne, I am so glad you enjoyed the comparison. If I could keep my Coles shop under $150 a week I would certainly shop there for convenience. I would love to know how you go if you do try and Aldi shop! It’s no for everyone but worth a try.


  2. Hi Pol, I think this is great. I love Aldi! It is a bit more and effor and sometimes I get sucked in by the “special buys” but it’s definitely worth shopping at. I much prefer the nappies to Huggies as well. This camparison is great and I look forward to seeing more.


    1. Hi Christie 😌 Specials buys are such a temptation and sometimes they are worth it! Definitely helps to compare them! The nappies are awesome, this week on of Aldis super special is the 120 pack of nappies, so maybe worth a look.


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