I’m Pol. Welcome to Aussie Mum on a budget. As the name suggests I am Mum to Connor and Harper my two beautiful children. I am married to Wade who is the best support person anyone can ask for. I am 25 in July and I am so excited  for the next few years, we will finally be debt free this year and (fingers crossed) own our own home. I started this blog to help other Aussie mums out there to learn about how to save money without losing your integrity. I want every woman to feel empowered to  learn about there families

finances and to help there family be successful in every aspect of life.

We started our journey towards being debt free and living frugal life in November 2016 and we have had our ups and downs.  I have learnt a lot over the last year and a bit, I’ve struggled and succeded.

I cant wait to share with you all, I love if you joined my little community over on Instagram, I share my day to day life and my debt free journey.

Cant wait to connect with you.